Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of answers to questions that frequently come up in our online communities and email support

Where Can I See Water, Net Carbs, Fiber, and Other Micronutrients?

How do I Adjust my Macro Targets?

How Should I Interpret Changes to my Energy Expenditure?

Does MacroFactor use Energy Expenditure Data from my Wearable Activity Tracker?

Why Don't My Macros Add Up to my Total Calories?

Are Default Food Weights for Cooked or Raw Food?

How Robust is the Database Coverage in my Region?

Does MacroFactor Support Refeeds, Diet Breaks, or Carb Cycling?

How Would I Pursue a Reverse Diet in MacroFactor?

What Are the Different Program Options in Coached Mode?

How Does Dynamic Maintenance Work in MacroFactor?

How Do MacroFactor's Coaching Algorithms Deal with Partially Logged Days?

How do I Reset my Data?

Is My Data Lost?

Why Doesn’t MacroFactor have a Lifetime Subscription Tier with a One-Time Payment?

Does MacroFactor have an Offline Mode?

Where is my Nutrition Synced?

Why is my Profile Email Private Relay?

How to Adjust Calorie Targets to Account for Overages, or to Roll Over Unused Calories

How Frequently do I Need to Log my Weight For the Expenditure Algorithm and Weekly Coaching Updates?

How Frequently do I Need to Log my Nutrition For the Expenditure Algorithm and Weekly Coaching Updates?

Why is my Expenditure in MacroFactor Different From the Output of a TDEE Calculator?

Why isn't MacroFactor Auto-Summing Ingredient Weights In My Recipe?

Do I Need to Log Everything I Eat and Drink to Have an Accurate Expenditure and Use MacroFactor's Coaching Features?

Why Does MacroFactor Recommend Smaller Surpluses for Bulking Than I Expected?

What Should I Do When I Can't Accurately Log a Meal?

How Accurately Do I Need To Log My Food?

What Should I Do If I’m Pursuing a Goal With a Strict Timeline?

How Should I Use MacroFactor When I'm Sick?

Does My Data Reset if I Change Goals or Create a New Program?

Why Does my New Program Have Slightly Different Calorie and Macronutrient Targets Than My Old Program, Even Though I Didn't Change my Goal?

What Should I Do if My Initial Expenditure or Recommended Energy Intake Seems Too High or Too Low?

Will Logging Food to a Previous Day Affect my Expenditure and Coaching Recommendations?

Will Logging Food to a Future Day Affect my Expenditure and Coaching Recommendations?

Should I Still Log My Weight if I Feel Like I'm Bloated, Constipated, or Retaining Water?

What Should I Do If My Activity Levels Change Drastically?

How do MacroFactor's Algorithms Respond to Body Recomposition?

If You Have an Unusual Day of Eating, Is It Better to Log It, or Leave the Day Blank?

How Does MacroFactor Make Adjustments For a Weight Gain or Weight Loss Goal?

What are the Blue "Other" Calories on My Nutrition Page?