Does My Data Reset if I Change Goals or Create a New Program?

Short answer: no

Some new users feel a bit of trepidation about creating a new macro program or changing their goal, out of concern that doing so will reset their expenditure and coaching algorithms.

Rest assured that you can create new programs and change goals to your heart’s content, without any fear of resetting your expenditure or starting back from square one with coaching updates.

All program updates are based on your expenditure, which is calculated from your weight and nutrition data. If you didn’t have any goal or macro program in the first place, the expenditure algorithm would still work exactly the same way. So, when you change goals or create a new program, you can always hit the ground running with MacroFactor, instead of needing to start over from scratch.

Of note, if you do want to reset your expenditure and coaching algorithms, you can do so by changing your expenditure start date. Furthermore, changing your goal will reset the data displayed on your goal progress screen (though that still won’t affect MacroFactor’s ability to give you appropriate and up-to-date program recommendations for your new goal). But, no data will be lost, and there's no risk to creating a new program or changing your goal.

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