Is My Data Lost?

Short answer: no, unless you specifically asked for it to be deleted

A common concern is that your data may get deleted if your subscription expires. Rest assured that we do not delete your data automatically once your subscription expires. It is easy to delete your data though if that is what you'd like to do, an in-app feature accessible in settings (and on the subscription page) will allow you to process an instant account deletion.

This means that it’s totally fine to cancel your subscription for a while if needed, and you’ll still be able to start back up again at a future date with all your data intact. This also means that you can cancel your account to change to a different subscription without any concern that you’ll lose your data.

There is one common situation that can lead to confusion about data deletion: accidentally logging in with a different email address, or via a different authentication method (Apple sign-in or Google sign-in).

If you logged in with one email address previously, and then log in with a new email address, this generates an entirely new account and starts you over from the beginning. Therefore, if you forget what email address you used previously and log in with a new address, it might seem like your account was deleted. Fortunately, that isn’t the case.

In this instance, the best approach is to go to your settings, sign back out, and then sign in again with the proper email address or authentication method. When you do so, you’ll find your data waiting for you as normal.

This can also commonly occur if making use of the Apple Relay “Hide My Email” option. If you previously signed in with the “hide my email” option, and are finding that your data is missing because you logged in normally, you’ll want to log back out, then log in again with the “hide my email” option selected. If you previously signed in with the normal login and are finding that you’ve selected the “hide my email” option and your data is missing, you’ll want to log back out and log in again without selecting the “hide my email” option.

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