How do I Reset my Data?

This article will explain how to reset your data, and why there's a better alternative

Due to issues like partial tracking or incorrect data, users often request a method for resetting their data and starting over.

Deleting your account and starting over entirely is not the best approach in most cases, though this is one possibility. This can be done by going to More > Data & Privacy > Delete Your Account. This action is irreversible and deletes all data associated with your account and logs you out. However, your subscription will remain in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, so you can then log back in, create a new account, and associate it with your subscription.

At this point, you’re starting back from day one, so you’ll need to input all your initial settings again. MacroFactor will provide a new starting expenditure estimate based on validated equations, but it may be higher or lower than your true expenditure. After 20-30 days of consistent tracking, you will have a refined, personalized expenditure estimate.

Fully deleting your data in this way is generally not ideal or necessary. Instead, you could simply begin tracking consistently again, which will kickstart the app’s algorithms and begin correcting your expenditure estimate over the following weeks.

If you have a few incorrect or partially tracked entries, you may be able to fix your data issues by simply deleting the incorrect entries. This can be done by going to Dashboard > Habits, then navigating to the individual days in question and either editing or deleting those entries. Once this is done, you should see the expenditure estimate corrected, and you can force a manual check-in to get your macros updated with the latest expenditure calculation.

If you have too many incorrect entries to manually delete, another option is to reset your expenditure start date. This can be done by going to More > Expenditure > Expenditure Start Date > Custom and setting that to the most recent date. This means that the calculation will start over fresh from that date, ignoring all older data. This is functionally the same as deleting all your old data (or deleting your account entirely) for our expenditure and coaching algorithms, but it means you get to keep all your settings, custom food entries, recipes, and so on.

From this point, it will take the app the normal 2-3 weeks of data gathering before your expenditure calculations will be personalized and refined. In the meantime, the app will rely on the initial estimate, which is based on validated equations but may be a bit high or low. However, this approach is generally preferable to deleting your account entirely.

If you have a rough idea of what you think your expenditure should be, you can also set a manual starting expenditure. For example, you could use a prior expenditure estimate from the app from before bad data caused it to go haywire. This can be done by first going to More > Expenditure > Expenditure Start Date > Custom, and setting that to the most recent date. Then, go to More > Expenditure > Initial Expenditure > Manual, and set that to your desired starting calories. This overwrites the initial expenditure calculation with your numbers but then lets the algorithm take over as normal. You’ll still have 2-3 weeks of data gathering before your estimate is completely dialed in, but you’ll have a more accurate starting point.

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