Why is my Profile Email Private Relay?

Short answer: you're using one of Apple's privacy features

If you’re logging in to MacroFactor with an Apple login, you’ll be offered the option to hide your email address. If you agree to this, Apple will generate a new email address for you with the format “xxx@​​privaterelay.appleid.com,” where the initial part of the email is a randomly generated string of letters and numbers.

This email is then used as a kind of middleman between you and our system. That email address will be the one we have on file for your account, and any emails sent to that email address are automatically forwarded to your primary email address so that you can correspond with us while retaining anonymity by keeping your primary email hidden.

However, if you then try to log in again with your primary email address after initially signing up using Apple Relay (or if you log in initially using your primary email, but later sign in and select the “hide my email” option), this is considered an entirely different email address and a new account is generated, which may lead to the impression that your data has been deleted.

In this case, the best approach is to sign back out and sign back in with whichever login method you used previously so that it can once again find the right account.

If you contact us about an account issue and are emailing us from outside the app with your primary email address, you may also need to send us the info for your Apple Relay email so that we can locate your account. You can also contact us through the in-app contact method, which automatically includes information about the email address on your account.

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