How do I Adjust my Macro Targets?

Changing your targets in Coached, Collaborative, and Manual modes

If you're using a "Coached" or "Manual" program, you will need to create a new macro program. If you're on a "Collaborative" program, you can edit the macro distribution on the fly by tapping the “Edit Program” button on the Strategy tab.

Note that creating a new Coached or Manual program behaves similarly to editing a program. Creating a new program doesn’t result in any data loss, and you won’t lose your goal progress: you just get a new program that’s consistent with your current goal, with the new macronutrient ratios you prefer. When you create a new Coached program, your calorie targets may change a little bit, but the difference is usually pretty small.

Here is what it boils down to: When you create a new Coached program, MacroFactor calculates your nutrient targets based on your current expenditure estimate. In following weeks, MacroFactor considers your expenditure, your weight changes, and your goal when updating your nutrition targets. However, the app applies a modifier to the change in your nutrition targets, due to the rate of change in your expenditure, to make sure it does not change your program too fast – and to give MacroFactor time to confirm changes in expenditure before making larger changes.

When you create a new program, the only difference is that the app will only consider your expenditure and goal at the current moment in time.

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