Vegetarian or Vegans Diets

Understand how to implement a vegetarian or vegan diet in MacroFactor

If you’d like to set up a vegetarian or vegan diet, nothing special needs to be done in the app. Just make sure you select the macro program options that comport with your preferences. For instance, if you tend to eat a very carb-heavy diet and are using a coached program, you may want to choose a higher carb/lower fat option to line up with your dietary preferences.

One of the challenges of eating a vegetarian or vegan diet is that it may be more difficult to hit protein targets. You may want to select one of the lower protein options (“low” or “moderate”) on a coached program to make this a bit easier to manage. Rest assured that our protein targets, even on the low end, will be sufficient to ensure that you’re effectively facilitating the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

If you’re concerned about nutrient deficiencies while consuming a vegetarian or vegan diet, you may wish to review your micronutrients by viewing your “Day Nutrition Summary,” which you can access by tapping on the macro bars at the top of the food log page.

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