View Your Micronutrient Intake, and More Detailed Information About Your Macronutrient Intake

For users who like to dig into the details

  1. Tap “Food Log” in the menu.

  2. Tap the bar at the top of the screen that shows your calorie and macro breakdown for the day.

  3. A page will open that shows you your macronutrient targets and progress for the day, as well as details on protein types, carbohydrate types, fat types, vitamins and minerals, alcohol, caffeine, water, and more.

Note that this screen will reflect the reported nutrition information for the foods you’ve logged. Most branded products don’t report in-depth micronutrient information to food databases, so nutrients other than calories, macronutrients, and some major micronutrients (sodium, vitamin C, fiber, and a couple others) will likely be undercounted.

If you do want an accurate accounting of your micronutrient intake, make a point of mostly logging “Common” foods. These foods come from high-quality research databases with extensive micronutrient analysis and reporting. Instead of logging branded food products (from search or barcode scanning), try to find common food equivalents. This isn’t necessary for the vast majority of users, but it is necessary if you need (or want) a thorough accounting of your micronutrient intake.

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