Keto Macro Program

Understand how to implement a ketogenic diet in MacroFactor

If you prefer a ketogenic diet, you can set one up in MacroFactor with all three program modes.

Coached Program:

If you’re using a coached program, the program setup wizard will ask you to select your preferred diet. Select “Keto.”

All of our coached programs determine energy intake targets based on your goal and expenditure. From there, they assign protein targets based on the user’s preferences and exercise habits. Finally, they allocate the remaining calories to fat and carbohydrate. The keto plan will assign a carbohydrate target that allows for fiber intake and a bit of nutritional flexibility (without taking you out of ketosis), while allocating the rest of the non-protein calories to fat. On a keto plan, it may be helpful to think of your carbohydrate target as an upper limit, rather than a precise number to aim for.

Collaborative Program:

Collaborative programs allow you to set your own carbohydrate and fat targets. Much like the coached programs, energy intake targets are determined based on your goal and expenditure.

When setting up a collaborative program, there are sliders that allow you to adjust the ratio of carbohydrate to fat in your diet. If you would like to pursue a ketogenic diet, just adjust the slider for each day so that your carbohydrate target is low enough to keep you in ketosis – the remaining calories will be allocated to fat.

Manual Program:

On a manual program, you determine your own calorie and macro targets. If you are pursuing a ketogenic diet, set relatively high fat and sufficiently low carbohydrate targets for yourself when creating your program.

A final note about carb targets:

Many people following a ketogenic diet like monitoring net carb intake. In MacroFactor, fiber is still counted in the dashboard as a carb, even though it’s not counted as a net carb. If you want to review your net carb intake, you can do so by reviewing your “Day Nutrition Summary,” which you can access by tapping on the macro bars at the top of the food log page.

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