Low-Carb and High-Fat Macro Program

Understand low-carb, high-fat program options in MacroFactor

If you generally prefer to consume more fat and less carbohydrate, but you don’t want to pursue a full-on ketogenic diet, MacroFactor provides you with a few options:

Coached Program:

If you’re using a coached program, the program setup wizard will ask you to select your preferred diet. Select “Low-carb.”

All of our coached programs determine energy intake targets based on your goal and expenditure. From there, they assign protein targets based on the user’s preferences and exercise habits. Finally, they allocate the remaining calories to fat and carbohydrate. The low-carb plan will prioritize fat intake over carbohydrate intake when allocating non-protein calories.

Collaborative Program:

Collaborative programs allow you to set your own carbohydrate and fat targets. Much like the coached programs, energy intake targets are determined based on your goal and expenditure.

When setting up a collaborative program, there are sliders that allow you to adjust the ratio of carbohydrate to fat in your diet. If you prefer a lower carbohydrate target and a higher fat target, just adjust the slider for each day to prioritize fat intake.

Manual Program:

On a manual program, you determine your own calorie and macro targets. If you prefer higher fat and lower carbohydrate targets, set higher fat and lower carbohydrate targets for yourself when creating your program.

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