Change Your Cardio or Resistance Training Experience Level

Has your training status changed?

  1. Tap “More” in the bottom right corner of your screen

  2. Under the section titled “General,” tap “Profile”

  3. On the Profile page, scroll to the “Dynamic Data” section and tap “Cardio” and/or “Lifting”

  4. Make your selection

  5. Make sure to tap the checkmark at the top of the page when you’re done to save

If you indicate you don't do any cardio or lifting, you'll get lower protein intake recommendations than people who do any cardio or resistance training. You'll have slightly higher protein recommendations if you indicate you do cardio, but you don't perform resistance training. Finally, if you indicate you also perform resistance training (either in isolation or in combination with cardio), your protein intake recommendations will be higher yet.

Otherwise, changing your cardio experience level doesn’t have any material impact on your program. However, we suspect we may glean interesting insights from that data in the future, which can be used to further improve program recommendations. Changing your lifting experience level affects recommended rates of weight gain, if you have a goal of gaining weight. More advanced trainees are recommended to gain weight at a slower rate than novice lifters. However, lifters of all experience levels are free to select from the same total range of weight gain targets.

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