Quick-Add Calories and Macros to your Food Log

Quickly log some calories and macros without creating a custom foods

  1. Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen in the app

  2. Select "Quick Add"

  3. Add a description for the food (optional)

  4. Enter your macros and have your calories auto-calculated. You can also edit Calories yourself

  5. Tap "Log Items" if you're done, or tap the quick add button in the bottom right, and continue to add more to your plate

Note that quick-add is for logging basic calorie and macronutrient information for foods you don't intend to eat frequently. If you suspect you'll eat a food or meal again, or if you'd like to add more detailed micronutrient information, it's advisable to create a custom food instead. In contrast with custom foods, quick-added entries are not searchable in the future, because quick-add is designed specifically for foods you don't intend to eat frequently (so, saving quick-added entries would just clutter up your custom foods list).

If you decide you'd like to convert a quick-added entry to a custom food, you can use the copy to custom function. This will create a new custom food, with the information you've quick-added pre-filled.

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