Will Logging Food to a Future Day Affect my Expenditure and Coaching Recommendations?

Short answer: no

MacroFactor’s expenditure algorithm is back-looking, and is based on your energy intake and trend weight changes over the past three weeks. Coaching recommendations and updates are based on expenditure changes. So, foods logged to future days can’t influence your calculated expenditure (yet), because the app can’t yet know how food you eat in the future will eventually influence your trend weight.

So, for instance, if today is Monday, and you pre-log foods on Wednesday, those foods won’t influence your calculated expenditure today. But, on Thursday, the foods you’d logged on Wednesday will be considered when calculating your expenditure.

If you like to pre-log foods you consume every day, feel free to do so. If you eat the same thing for breakfast every day, there’s no problem with pre-logging it for every day of the forthcoming month. MacroFactor’s algorithms will account for those foods just like they would if you originally entered them into your food log on the days you actually consumed them. To make this process considerably faster, I’d recommend checking out the “copy day” and “multi-paste inline” features. This will allow you to log the foods you eat every day, copy them all, and paste them to multiple future days in a snap.

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