View Weekly Nutrition Averages

How to view your average calorie and protein intake over a given period of time in MacroFactor

From the main dashboard, scroll down to the Nutrition tile (on the very bottom right of the dashboard) and tap on it.

The chart on this page shows average caloric and protein intake over a given time span. You can change the time span shown by time selection buttons below the chart.

You can swipe left or right to view macro breakdowns for other periods of time. You can also pinch to zoom in or out.

If you long press on the stacked bar chart for a day, you can see precise macro breakdowns for the day (in terms of both grams and percentages). If you drag your finger left or right after long pressing, you can see the same breakdown for other days.

Finally, if you tap on the text above the chart saying “Calories,” “Protein,” “Fat,” or “Carbs,” you can hide nutrients you don’t want to view. So, for example, if you just wanted to view your protein intake over a period of time, you’d tap on Calories, Fat, and Carbs, leaving you with a view that only shows your protein intake.

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