Change Your Subscription Length

For people who want to switch between monthly, six-month, and yearly subscriptions

Our payments and subscriptions are handled directly by the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

For the Google Play Store

To change to a new subscription plan (i.e., to change from a monthly to a yearly subscription), you'll need to cancel your existing subscription first. When your subscription expires, the app will automatically present you with the option to select a new subscription plan.

Here are the instructions for canceling your subscription through the Google Play Store.

Attempting to reactivate a subscription while your current subscription is still active will not enable you to start a new subscription plan. The Google Play system will only offer you the same rate again.

Data loss

Often, users are concerned that their data may get deleted if their subscription lapses. Rest assured that this doesn’t happen unless you expressly choose to delete your data using the in-app data deletion process. So, you can feel free to cancel your subscription to change to a new one, without any worry that you’re going to lose any of your data. Just be sure that you use the same email address when resubscribing so that your new subscription plan will be associated with your current account. If you do accidentally create a new account under a different email address, you can contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help you sort it out.

For the Apple App Store

You can easily swap between our three different subscription lengths at any time—it's a native feature of the App Store.

Here are the instructions for canceling or changing your subscription on the Apple App Store.

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