Will Logging Food to a Previous Day Affect my Expenditure and Coaching Recommendations?

Short answer: yes, as long as you're logging food to a relatively recent day

It’s not uncommon to forget to log food on the day you eat it. Maybe you’re new to food logging, so you haven’t yet developed the habit of logging each meal as you eat it. Maybe you had food and drinks during a late night out, and didn’t think to log in real time. Maybe you made note of everything you ate, but you were without internet access for the day. Whatever the reason, there will probably be times when you don’t log everything you ate, on the day you ate it.

When this happens, you can always go back and update your food log to accurately reflect your nutrition intake. MacroFactor’s algorithms are back-looking and deterministic, so it’s totally fine to log foods on previous days that you forgot to log (or couldn’t log) on the day you consumed them. Your calculated expenditure will update in real time, and those updates will be reflected in your next weekly coaching check-in (if you’re on a coached or collaborative macro program).

Foods retroactively logged up to 3 weeks in the past will likely have at least some impact on your calculated expenditure today, but foods logged more than 3 weeks in the past are unlikely to affect your current estimated expenditure.

If you remember to log something after you’ve already done your weekly check-in, you can create a new macro program. Creating a new program functions similarly to a check-in (and doesn’t result in any data loss), and your new program will reflect any expenditure changes resulting from the foods you retroactively logged.

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