What are the Micronutrient Floor, Target, and Ceiling?

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MacroFactor sets and continuously updates your micronutrient goals using your age, sex, weight, and program where applicable. Micronutrient goals in the app consist of a target and a goal range that is determined by a floor and a ceiling.

MacroFactor’s micronutrient targets are based on RDAs, metrics designed to meet the needs of 98% of the population. 

The floor typically represents the lower threshold intake (LTI). 97-98% of people need to exceed the LTI to avoid a nutrient insufficiency. The floor serves as a practical minimum to stay above.

The ceiling represents the tolerable upper intake level (UL). It is the highest intake level that’s very unlikely to cause problems related to nutrient overconsumption. The ceiling serves as a practical maximum to stay below.

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