Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity

Try these steps if your app is loading slowly, or not at all

MacroFactor is not an offline-first application, and does not have a true offline mode. However, MacroFactor does have a limited offline mode that prevents faults and interruptions that could occur when connectivity is limited or temporarily unavailable.

When launching the app, sometimes, depending on the state of the limited offline mode’s cache, MacroFactor needs to access the internet to load your account, and validate your subscription. If the app is taking an irregular amount of time to launch, it’s likely that there is an internet related issue. An irregular amount of time to launch would be:

  • Indefinite loading

  • Loading for more than 5 seconds on the first launch

  • Loading for more than 2 seconds on repeat launches

Please note that your ability to browse the internet or view one app can be, but is not always, distinct from your ability to view another app.

In order to remediate this issue, try the following steps (in order of likelihood):

  1. If you are at home, turn off your phone’s  Wi-Fi in order to force your device to temporarily use Cellular data. Then close the app from your phone’s memory and open the app back up; if it loads much faster, consider restarting your home's Wi-Fi router.

  2. If you are out and about, it’s possible that this was only an unfortunately timed intermittent connection issue that you won’t encounter again. Try waiting a few moments, or getting to an new location, and re-launching the app.

  3. If you use a software or hardware ad-blocking solution that interacts with DNS, try adding to your whitelist. This is the service provider we use to make your subscription portable across platforms, and is not used for any tracking. MacroFactor doesn’t use any ad-networks or tracking solutions, and doesn’t even have the capability to serve ads.

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