How to Configure your Shortcuts and Toolbar

Ensure that your preferred food logging workflows are only a click away

You can configure your toolbar and top shortcuts to reduce friction and help you log a little bit faster in MacroFactor.

To start, press the quick actions button (the + button on the bottom middle of your screen). From there, tap “Configure Shortcuts & Toolbar” from the bottom of the menu.

From this menu, you can configure your toolbar by tapping “Go to Toolbar Designer.” You can select between four toolbar options:

  1. Search and Barcode: Your toolbar will display a food search bar, and a small button for barcode scanning.

  2. Search, Barcode, and Top Shortcut: Your toolbar will display a food search bar, a small button for barcode scanning, and your top shortcut. You’ll want to make sure your top shortcut is the action you do most often in the app, other than searching for foods or scanning barcodes.

  3. Top Four Favorites: Your toolbar will display the top four shortcuts, color-coded for at-a-glance recognition.

  4. None: Selecting this option will remove the toolbar, giving you a bit more screen real estate.

You can also rearrange your shortcuts on this page. To move your shortcuts around, long-press the two horizontal parallel lines on the right side of a shortcut tile, and drag the tile up or down to change its order in your shortcut list. The top four shortcuts will be prominently displayed when tapping the quick actions button, with all other shortcuts arranged below.

If you selected the “Search, Barcode, and Top Shortcut” option for your toolbar, your top shortcut (other than food search and barcode scanning) will be displayed on your toolbar. If you selected the “Top Four Favorites” option for your toolbar, all four of your top shortcuts will be displayed on your toolbar.

Finally, you can change the colors for your top four shortcuts from this menu by tapping the color squares on your shortcut tiles.

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