Create and Add a Custom Recipe

How to create custom recipes in MacroFactor

  1. Tap the + button near the bottom of the screen

  2. Tap “Create Recipe”

  3. Give your recipe a name

  4. Enter the number of servings for your recipe

  5. Add the desired ingredients

  6. Add preparation steps and notes, if desired

  7. “Save” or “save and log” the new recipe

You can also access the recipe creation workflow by navigating to the Recipes tab of the food logger, and then tapping the + button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

If every ingredient you add to a recipe contains information about the weight of the ingredient, the total weight of the ingredients will be auto-summed in the “total weight” cell. However, if there are ingredients you add to the dish but don’t include in the ingredients list of your recipe (i.e., if you only add the calorie-containing ingredients, so you don’t include water in the ingredients list), or if the recipe involves any form of cooking, we’d recommend re-weighing the total mass of the recipe after you prepare it. Cooking usually changes the mass of a dish (primarily due to water loss), so weighing the final dish, instead of relying on the auto-summed weight, will lead to more accurate food logging. After you weigh the final dish, put the final weight in the “total weight” cell, replacing the auto-summed weight.

If you’re more comfortable with imperial units than metric units, don’t be concerned about the fact that the “total weight” cell only lets you enter a weight in grams. We auto-convert all mass units within the app, so you can enter the final weight of the dish in grams, but still log it using ounces.

The “serving quantity” cell is for recipes you intend to log as equal-sized servings, instead of by weight. For example, if you make a batch of 24 cookies, and you’d rather just log “1 cookie” instead of “42g of cookie,” you can enter “24” as your serving quantity, and not worry about the “total weight” cell.

Conversely, if you intend to log via weight, just make sure weight entered in the “total weight” cell is accurate. You can ignore the “serving quantity” cell (just leave it set to “1.0”).

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