Food Logging Style

Do you want more speed or context when logging?

To change your food logging style, go to More > Food Logger > Food Logging Style

Optimize for speed

If you've used other food loggers before, this option is likely to be the most intuitive for you. The interaction pattern should be familiar, but with a few extra tricks to make it faster and more comfortable.

Optimize for context

If you've only used an older version of MacroFactor before, this option will be very familiar, but with some slight differences.

Tapping a food while logging will collapse the top sheet and present the plate below, instead of taking you through an intermediary screen for editing the serving and quantity.

This is a more convenient app behavior if you would prefer to do all of your serving and quantity editing from the plate. Editing from the plate is a more rooted experience where you don't get transported to a new screen to edit individual foods. Staying on the plate allows you to edit one food in the context of all the foods on the plate.

In this mode, you may need to make heavier use of the swipe gesture. Swiping on food tiles in places like the recipe tab will reveal actions you can take without navigating to the food detail page.

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