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Time logging

Setting Location

Settings > Food Logger > Time Logging

Date Time Picker

This option will likely feel the most familiar and is the default. It’s most similar to the standard time selection methods present in iOS and Android.

If you rarely need to change the time, this option would be recommended, as the learning curve is short, and it’s flexible.

You can change the date or the time of logging after you have entered the plate.

Time Pad

After the time pad is summoned it will only take a single tap to select the new time you’d like to use and dismiss the selection menu.

This option would be recommended if you need to change the time quite often, as it will require fewer discrete actions to log. This is especially true if you want to change the time in the plate before you’re ready to log the items you’ve added instead of after.

You will only be able to change the time of logging after you have entered the plate.

Timeline Time Selection

You can select the time of logging before entering the plate by long-pressing any time on the food log timeline. This is often the fastest way to log food for a time other than the current time.