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How does the app deal with partially logged days?

Partially logged days are the one true enemy of the expenditure, in that they will lead the expenditure calculation astray if they are numerous and persistent.

When you do not log, the app knows that you either fasted or forgot to log, so it handles this edge case and won’t impact your expenditure, unless you mark the day as a fasting day inside "quick edit" in the habits page.

However, with partially logged days, the app has no way of knowing whether you intended to eat under calorie or if you forgot to log. We do want to handle this in the future by prompting the user to communicate this to during program check-ins or on the expenditure page, but this is still in the ideation stages.

If you created many partially logged entries and want the expenditure calculation to forget them, you can go to More -> Expenditure Start Date -> select a new date to start the calculation, and this will begin expenditure learning from scratch starting from the date of your choice.

That said, a couple of partially tracked days here and there should not throw the calculation off by much! It takes some persistence.