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Is there a way to adjust macro targets without editing my macro program?

That depends! If you chose "Coached" mode, you will need to reset your macro program. If you chose "Collaborative," then you can edit the macro distribution on the fly by tapping the Macro program tile on the dashboard, and selecting “Edit.”

Keep in mind that resetting actually does not behave too differently from editing. Here is what it boils down to: When you create a program, MacroFactor takes your expenditure and runs with it. In following weeks, MacroFactor considers your expenditure, your weight changes, and your goal when updating. However, the app applies a modifier to the change due to expenditure, to make sure it does not change your program too fast – and to give MF time to confirm changes in expenditure before making larger changes.

When you reset, the only difference is that the app will consider your expenditure at the current moment in time.