Edit or Change your Macro Program

How to adjust your current program, or create a new program

  1. Tap “Strategy” in the main menu on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap "New Program" (for all three program styles) or “Edit Program” (if you're on a Collaborative program). You can find these buttons in the row of buttons directly below the “Strategy” header, and also a bit further down the screen in the widget showing your program that’s currently In Progress. 

  3. Make your changes.

  4. Save by tapping “Start Program.”

If you’re on a Coached program, there’s no risk associated with creating a new program. New users are sometimes concerned that creating a new program will reset MacroFactor’s coaching algorithms. However, there’s no need for concern on that front. Creating a new program functions similarly to a check-in: it generates a new program based on your moment-in-time expenditure estimate. So, if you’re on a coached program, and you want to adjust your protein target, carbohydrate and fat allocation, calorie shifting strategy, etc., don’t hesitate to tap “New Program,” and make the selections that comport with your new preferences.

Note that creating a new program or editing your current program will make your desired adjustments in the context of your current goal. If you'd like to adjust your macro program to reflect a new goal, or to increase or decrease your total energy budget, you'll need to adjust your target rate of weight gain or weight loss, or create a new goal.

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