Get Started with Tracking Micronutrients

How to setup micronutrient features in MacroFactor

To access the full set of MacroFactor’s micronutrient features, you will need to configure the Nutrient Explorer. 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard and tap “Configure” on the Nutrient Explorer tile to begin setup.

  2. You will be taken to the Nutrient Explorer Setup Wizard. The setup process may take a few minutes. When you are ready to begin, proceed to the configuration steps by tapping the Start Setup button.

  1. During the first step, you will be prompted to configure the nutrients that will be displayed throughout the Nutrient Explorer and food logging workflows. Disable any nutrient you’d prefer not to see by toggling it off. Scroll down to see the full list of options. When you are ready, proceed to the next step by pressing the Next button.

  2. During the second step, you will have the option of choosing up to 8 nutrients to pin to your Dashboard. Tap on the + button at the top and then pin any nutrient by tapping the Pin next to it. Pinning a nutrient decreases the number of steps required to access charts for that nutrient and the view of foods that have contributed to your intake for that nutrient on any given day.

  3. Next, you will be given the option of customizing your micronutrient goals. By default, MacroFactor will set your micronutrient goals for you based on your age, sex, weight, and program where applicable. However, if you would like to remove the floor, target, or ceiling for any micronutrient goal or if you are working with a doctor who has provided you with micronutrient targets, you can choose to customize your goal settings here. Do not worry – you can always go back and make changes as needed.

  1. If you have chosen to stick to MacroFactor’s default goals, skip this step and continue to step 7. If you have chosen to customize your goals, tap on the nutrient for which you wish to change the goal settings.

    You will be taken to a Goal Editor. To remove all Nutrient Goal indicators, select “None.” To set your custom goal parameters, choose “Custom.”

    If you have selected “Custom,” you will be prompted to set your own Floor, Target, and Ceiling for the nutrient goal. You can set one or more of these parameters and leave the rest blank as needed.

    Save the custom goal when you are done, and repeat the process for as many nutrients as necessary.

  1. You are almost there! During the last step, MacroFactor will use the information you provided and configure your Nutrient Explorer. Keep the app open while the configuration is in progress. Once the configuration is complete, you will see a message, “You’re all set!” You can now tap the Done button and go back to the Dashboard.

Now that your Nutrient Explorer is configured, you will have access to all of the micronutrient features within the app.

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