How to Create and Share Before-And-After Photos

Easily create before-and-after photos from your progress pictures

You can create and share before-and-after photos from progress photos and body measurements you’ve already logged in MacroFactor.

  1. Tap the “Body Metrics” widget at the bottom of your dashboard.

  2. Below the chart at the top of the page, tap “Open Gallery.” This will open the page that allows you to create before-and-after photos.

  3. Tap the button in the bottom middle of the screen. It looks like two stacked rectangles.

  4. Tap “Front,” “Side,” or “Back” at the top of the screen to create a before-and-after using progress pictures of the front, side, or back of your body.

  5. Select which photos you want for your “before” photo and your “after” photo.

    1. To select a “before” photo, first tap the top picture. Then, tap the picture in your gallery (the ribbon of photos arranged by date along the bottom of the screen) that you’d like to use as your “before” photo.

    2. To select an “after” photo, first tap the bottom picture. Then, tap the picture in your gallery that you’d like to use as your “after” photo.

  6. Optionally, tap the eyedropper icon (in the bottom right corner of the screen) to toggle between using a plain white (light mode) or dark gray (dark mode) background, or a background that matches the color tones of your progress photos.

  7. Tap the sharing button (in the bottom left corner of the screen) to open your phone’s sharing menu. From here, you can send your before-and-after photos to a trainer, coach, or friend via email or any popular messaging app, or you can share it to social media.

If you’d like some tips for taking good progress photos, you’ll likely enjoy the knowledge base entry linked above.

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